What is SPAT threads ? It is Synthetic Polymer Absorbable Thread. SPAT threads stimulate the regeneration of newer dermal tissue in conjunction with collagen and increasing firmness of the skin. It increase blood circulation of the facial muscle and skin, enhancing skin tone and maintaining smoother skin with continual collagen synthesis and remodelling up to 2 years.

Is it Easy ? The procedure is a simple process not requiring special equipments, or anaesthesia and incision, meaning no bleeding or swelling.
Threads inserted during procedure melts and gets completely absorbed without side effects.

Is it Fast ? The treatment is done within an hour and allowing the patient for immediate return to daily life without scars.

Is is Safe ? SPAT is used in surgery as sutures material since 1990 for the high quality to stimulate the production of collagen in the tissues and high tensile strengthness.


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