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We will help you to found the best solution for the harmony of your face.
Threadlifting Team book a check up, 90 days after the treatment. During this time the patient can always contact our threadlifting specialist doctor for any questions or advices.
For us it's important that you feel Safe.

How much does it cost ?
A Threadlifting treatment cost is much less than conventional facelift surgery. The cost of a Threadlifting treatment depends on how many threads are used during the procedure, and treated areas. Our qualified Threadlifting Team will be able to give patients more detailed information regarding prices in specific regions. The price start from 400 € 
Where can I do Threadlifting ?
Because it involves no anaesthesia and only need a bed in a clean room, in fact, a typical threadlifting treatment can be done by a qualified threadlifting specialist medical doctor and his assistant in your home or at your yacht. Our Threadlifting team are qualified experienced and most flexible, since it is: easy, fast, safe you can decide if you want come to Threadlifting or the Threadlifting Team comes to you.
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